Tips for Searching

This page provides you with assistance in using the Look up Appeal Status page.


You can use one or more of the search boxes to look up appeals. After you have typed in your search criteria, hit the Enter key or click on Start Search at the bottom of the page.

If your first search returns many appeals, it may be difficult to find the appeal you are looking for. You can return to the Look up Appeal Status page and add more search criteria to narrow down your search results.

If you want to erase all of your previous search criteria: click on Clear Search Criteria at the bottom of the page. If you forget to do this you might not get any search results, because the criteria that you entered in your previous search will still be there.

Appeal number:

The Board will advise the appeal participants of the unique appeal number assigned to a case. The format of the appeal number is xxxx-xx-xxxxx (e.g. 2010-09-00023). The website will add the dashes for you as you enter the appeal number.


You do not have to use all the participant search boxes. For example, you may choose to only enter the last name.

For the Participant organization box, we suggest you use a shorthand method:

  • By typing the * character after a partial organization name you will get all appeals that have an organization name with the same beginning.
  • For example, if you enter Timber* , you will get any appeals with a participating organization that starts with Timber, such as Timberwest Forest Products Ltd; Timberwest Forest Ltd; Timber Company.
  • We suggest you use the * character, as you will not get any returns unless you type in the organization name exactly as spelled in the Board’s database. For example, if the organization is ABC Company Ltd. you will not find it if you type in ABC Company Limited. A better way to find appeals would be to enter ABC Company*.
  • The * character does not operate on the first and last name search boxes.

Roll number:

You must enter the full roll number with all the dots and dashes for this search box to work. Include the Assessment Area, the School District, Jurisdiction, and then the Roll number.

For example for:

  • Assessment Area: 19
  • School District: 23
  • Jurisdiction: 723
  • Roll number: 14835.800

Enter: 19-23-723-14835.800

Civic Address:

If you want, you can leave the Street number blank and only enter the Street name. Do not enter the type of the street (i.e. Avenue, Street, Boulevard, etc).

Assessment Area and Appeal Status:

Click on the down arrow on the right side of the box to open up the drop down selection. You then click on the Assessment Area or Appeal Status that you want to search on.

The Assessment Area is noted on all Assessment Notices and Decisions Notices for the property. The Appeal Status is set by the Board and changes as the appeal goes through different stages.

Setting the relationship between search criteria:

If you use more than one search box you have two options for how the search is done:

  1. AND Criteria: This is the default. It will return only those decisions which meet the criteria in ALL the search boxes. This is a narrower search than the OR option.

For example, if you enter the Participant last name Smith and enter Assessment area O1 - CAPITAL, you will only get appeals with a Smith participant in Assessment Area 01.

  1. OR Criteria: This will return Decisions which meet ANY of the criteria in the search boxes. This is a much broader search. We caution you that this method will often return many, many decisions (possibly in the 100’s or 1,000’s)

For example, if you entered the Participant last name Smith and entered Assessment area O1 - CAPITAL, you will get all the appeals in Area 01 as well as all the appeals in other Areas with a Smith participant. This will return a large number of results.

Please contact the Board if you need assistance in using this Search tool. We will be pleased to assist you.